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Photo: V. Nevanlinna

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Active maintenance of this site has been terminated. You will find our products related to the auroras on the ISES RWC Finland site:

Auroras Now! is a space weather service maintaining by Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) to help watching auroras in Finland.

The service includes auroral monitoring with the all-sky cameras and magnetic field alarm systems for Northern and Southern Finland separately . The magnetic alarms are base on the data of magnetometers measuring the disturbance level of the Earth’s magnetic field at the geophysical observatories in Nurmijärvi and Sodankylä.

Magnetic disturbance level
Bar charts and a map showing the magnitude of geomagnetic disturbances can be found on the Space weather page of the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Images by the all-sky cameras
In the dark time the all-sky cameras are monitoring nearly real time. The images are refreshed once a minute.
Magnetic activity nowcast
One hour forecast for magnetic activity based on current solar wind observations

Magnetic disturbance level on map
Magnetic disturbance level of the latest hour on a map.
Magnetic activity animation
Past 24 hours animated.
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